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Name all other persons who will occupy the property

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2. Name
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2. Relationship
3. Name
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4. Name
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If Applicant is self-employed, Landlord may require one or more previous year’s tax return attested by a CPA, attorney, or other tax professional

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List all vehicles to be parked on the Property:

Type       Year       Make       Model       License/State       Mo.Pymnt.

Car 1
Car 2
Car 3
Will any pets (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, and other pets) be kept on the Property?

If yes, list all pets to be kept on the Property:

Pet 1

Pet 1 Type & Breed
Pet 1 Name
Pet 1 Color
Pet 1 Weight
Pet 1 Age in Years
Pet 1 Gender
Pet 1 Neutered?
Pet 1 Declawed
Pet 1 Rabies Shots Current

Pet 2

Pet 2 Type & Breed
Pet 2 Name
Pet 2 Color
Pet 2 Weight
Pet 2 Age in Years
Pet 2 Gender
Pet 2 Neutered?
Pet 2 Declawed?
Pet 2 Rabies Shots Current?

Pet 3

Pet 3 Type & Breed
Pet 3 Name
Pet 3 Color
Pet 3 Weight
Pet 3 Age in Years
Pet 3 Gender
Pet 3 Neutered?
Pet 3 Declawed?
Pet 3 Rabies Shots Current

Pet 4

Pet 4 Type & Breed
Pet 4 Name
Pet 4 Color
Pet 4 Weight
Pet 4 Age in Years
Pet 4 Gender
Pet 4 Neutered?
Pet 4 Declawed?
Pet 4 Rabies Shots Current
Will any waterbeds or water-filled furniture be on the Property?
Does anyone who will occupy the Property smoke?
Will you maintain renter’s insurance?
Are you or your spouse, even if separated, in military?
If yes, is the military person serving under orders limiting the military person's stay to one year or less?
Have you ever been evicted?
Have you ever breached a lease or rental agreement?
Have you ever filed for bankruptcy
Have you ever lost property in a foreclosure?
Have you ever had any credit problems (including any outstanding debt (e.g., student loans or medical bills)), slow-pays, or delinquencies?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
Is any occupant a registered sex offender?
Are there any criminal matters pending against any occupant?
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